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James is an online math teacher for various competitive and entrance exams. Like everyone else, James also wanted to launch his own online academy to reach out to his many students as much as he can.

Being a non-technical person, he finds launching his online academy challenging and expensive. Soon, James gets to know about Academically platform which not only allows him to launch his academy online without any technical knowledge but also allows him to distribute and sell his courses to a broader audience and many other academies all over the world with just a few clicks.

Isn’t that amazing? Yes, this helps James build more revenue for himself with fewer efforts and minimized time.

Now with his own online academy, James feels more confident, financially secure, and independent.

All this was achieved by James with just a few clicks and he was able to help millions of students all over the world, receive his payments directly into his account, and could also partner with other academies. His decision to launch his own online academy gave him more revenue-generating opportunities, an expanded network of students and teachers, and much dedicated time for content creation.

Let's take a look at why we should even bother before we begin designing and selling our online course. The most obvious explanation is to generate money, and there are still individuals who earn their livelihoods solely through their sales of the course.

Beyond making money, however, there are additional advantages to developing online courses. And, depending on what your objectives are for your business, there are different ways to build one.

How an online courses can prove to be your sustainable revenue sources

The most popular purpose for an entrepreneur to create online courses is to generate profits. This is the easiest case of usage, once you create an online course, and individuals purchase it again and again.

There's a lot more that goes into it, of course, that we're going to discuss in-depth, but that's the excitement of designing an online course. It doesn't cost much to produce as a digital asset, and it's cheap to distribute. And no shipping expenses!

There was no stopping him, once James tasted success with his first online course. He's created his own company today that sells online courses, books, and other digital assets. He says, now is the best time to take your expertise online and make good business.

In a similar way, several other entrepreneurs and institutions are transitioning into online courses.

One such institution is Blockchain Council, which is an authoritative community of subject experts and enthusiasts who are evangelizing a better future of Blockchain Research and Development, Use Cases and Products and Information. Blockchain technology is more than just a technology that is increasingly evolving in the future, with a broad reach.

Blockchain serves as a financial network, a distributed ledger, applications, etc. Because of this multitude of advantages and features, businesses are now switching their centralized and conventional working method to this "Blockchain" trendy and futuristic technology.

By educating individuals all across the world in the Blockchain technology, Blockchain Council creates an ecosystem and raises awareness among corporations, enterprises, developers, and society.

To increase and outgrow their global reach when it comes to educating the world with Blockchain technology, it took the platform of Academically. By launching its own online academy, Blockchain Council has tremendously increased its impact on a larger scale. Today, many tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are getting help from the academy and are getting certified. This is helping them in setting up a new career path for themselves.

As much as Blockchain Council made unprecedented strides with its newly launched online academy, another web forum, Global Tech Council, also decided to build and have its own academy. The result is that this platform is now having an increased and better number of students who are continuously getting benefitted from the tech field courses available on the online academy.

Global Tech Council provides a range of certifications expressly tailored for candidates who want to pursue a career in futuristic technology. These certifications will provide the requisite in-depth understanding of the critical concepts of technology and will prove to be the gateway to a lucrative career in many fields.

In various fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbot, Cyber Security, including Computer Science, Big Data, IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Alexa, the leading virtual training platform provides the broadest range of certification courses. An internationally recognized education forum, the Global Tech Council seeks to change lives and believes in training candidates for the ever-evolving future of work.

What could have been better for Global Tech Council than to have their online academy, which is serving the learning community with some of the trending technologies of the current times.

To share the understanding of marketing, accounts, operations, and many more, Universal Business Council, another top-class education provider, is committed to offering internationally recognized certifications. In their quest to deliver the best educational content so that individuals grow in their respective fields, the UBC group started designing and selling their courses online.

Although their business picked up, after sometime the group of educationists realized that most of their time was now going into handling the technical part of reaching to many students and managing the delivery with payments and other formalities. They noticed that the time for more and better content creation was missing, which was affecting their online business.

This was when they decided to launch their online academy with the holistic support of Academically. This helped them to monetize their audience with other businesses without interrupting their courses with advertisements.

By developing courses as digital additions to their coaching, coaches and consultants who have reached potential and can not trade more time for money are scaling up.

So, if you have a talent, or a passion, or an audience, or any material that people want, it's a perfect way to raise revenue to sell it as an online course.

With Academically, learn how to build and publish your first course, free of charge!

Get free training for yourself.

Customer acquisition online courses

Many companies reverse the model and use online courses as a way to generate an audience who then go on to buy other items.

For instance, Blockchain Council, an online platform for Blockchain technology development and learning, provides some of the most in-demand certification courses in the revolutionary technology of Blockchains. More than 12,000 individuals have taken these courses, many of whom have been paid tech users.

How Academically is used by Blockchain Council to create free online courses

At Academically, we did this ourselves. In 2020, by interviewing hundreds of top online entrepreneurs, we created an online course creation platform.

For a great cause of democratizing the academic and learning content space through a peer-to-peer network of online academies, we developed a network of academies that gives you a chance to collaborate with anyone you want, with just a few clicks.

We are the facilitators of seamless backend support and technology you need. Academically takes care of your contracts, commission, payouts, distribution, disputes, copyright issues and other hassles. For everyone, a win!

If you already have some impeccable and quality content in your expertise, you would be able to gain new customers by developing an online course.

Online courses: A recipe for success

Businesses use online courses in this scenario as a way to educate their customers on how to use their learned skills to ensure they get superb career opportunities to grow. This is very common among businesses with a bit of a learning curve with respect to their online courses.

The reasoning behind this strategy is simple: they appear to have higher lifetime values, lower churn rates, and are more likely to refer other individuals to your company when you help your students achieve success with your online course.

We feel extremely fortunate to help support tens of thousands of individuals and businesses who build online courses and, in turn, to help change the lives of millions of people around the world. And as you would be told by any online course designer, the journey starts with finding out what you're going to teach or build.
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